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Hawk Power Marketing Sdn Bhd
is a lower-medium enterprise which specializes in researching, design, manufacturing, servicing, and sales, is one of the core distributors and wholesalers actives in southern Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia.

Hawk Power Marketing Sdn Bhd was formerly known as Kim Yong Car Accessories Sdn Bhd, established in August 25, 1989.

Inception, Kim Yong faced the shortage of funds, manpower and etc., however, by comply with the virtue of service-oriented spirit, Kim Yong constantly satisfied customer's requirements, and the company slowly moved toward to the right track. With a good reputation, Kim Yong Car Accessories achieved a good result in a short time. Meanwhile, in receiving the support of those fellows who engage in the same industry, in March 9, 1993, Kim Yong decided to establish the Feng Yong Marketing Sdn Bhd, and started playing the role of wholesale trader.By the time, Feng Yong confronted such an unprecedented challenges because of the lacking of the marketing knowledge.

However, by having the unity from all staff, Feng Yong overcomed the challenges and the difficulty again and again, gradually transformed into a "matured-type" wholesale traders in the south region of west Malaysia. During the goods supply expansion period, Feng Yong fortunately been appreciated by foreign manufacturers, granted several agency of brands, it certainly helped Feng Yong increasing the company image in a short time. In order to expand the business, Feng Yong began to explore to East Malaysia's Sabah and Sarawak for developing and opening up the new and undeveloped market. Since then, Feng Yong had a significant improvement of sales, it was regarded as a solid foundation of transforming into a full range of wholesale trader in the coming future. December 20, 1996, Feng Yong held its 32th staff conference, at the meeting,all employees agreed to close the Kim Yong Car Accessories Sdn Bhd, for concentrated to the development of wholesale trading business.

Furthermore, Feng Yong Marketing Sdn.Bhd changed its name to Hawk Power Marketing Sdn Bhd, has became the major wholesale trader in the south Malaysia. June 5, 2002, Hawk Power successfully developed and created their own brand of car audio system, it had solved and provided more option to the market demand.

July 9, 2006, due to the lack of storage space, Hawk Power had a large-scale relocation, moved the base from JB downtown to Mount Austin Industrial Zone. The problem of insufficient storage space simply had been solved, hardware and software equipment was greatly improved as well. August 15, 2008, Hawk Power Marketing (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd was founded in Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia, to enhance the efficiency of the supply of goods.

October 9, 2000  Achieved the agency of Japan KENWOOD
June 5, 2002  Founded MUSIC HAWK Audio System Products
January 12, 2004  Founded DB MOBILE SOUND Audio System Products
February 9, 2004  Achieved the agency of Taiwan Micro King Lock
March 30, 2008  Achieved the agency of Japan Tenzo-R Bulb&LED products

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